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Local governor pen portraits and business interests

Delegated Governing Committee

Register of Governors


All governors are appointed or elected for a 4-year term of office.


Governing bodies are under duty to publish on their website their register of interests and these, if any, are given below.


Peter Bailey- Parent Governor

Peter and his wife have four children who have all attended Somers Park, their eldest has just left for University, their youngest is in KS2. Peter has been a Parent Governor for 15 years during the school’s transition to Academy status, the formation of the Mercian Educational Trust and the building of Malvern Vale.


He has been in the Construction Industry for over 30 years working for a Main Contractor across the country, specialising in super high-rise skyscrapers. As a commercial and legal expert he is able to contribute a wealth of experience to his Governor role.  Peter co-ordinated his work colleagues upon a charitable joint trip to our partner school in Tanzania, Chumbageni Primary School. While in Tanzania they organised a number of construction projects including fencing, playground improvements, sports pitches and gardening.


Supporting the school and the senior management team, Peter is passionate about Equality and ensuring that all pupils are provided the very best learning environment & tools to allow them to flourish.


Chair of Delegated Governing Committee

Somers Park Budget Review team

Link governor for Leadership and Management 

Term of office ends: September 2023


Pecuniary interest- employed by Johnson and Son Ltd - (construction)



Juliana Abrantes- Parent Governor- Malvern Vale site

Juliana was appointed in June 2019 and has a son still at Malvern Vale site. She is a strong advocate of the premise that good education is the basis for a better society and that children should be seen and treated as individuals.  Juliana has an academic background in Economics and Social Sciences and more than 15-year experience in Corporate Finance for international businesses in various industries in Brazil, London and Australia.   Juliana is a Trustee and Treasurer volunteer for Citizens Advise and Financial Officer for a local charity which reinforces her passion for helping others to access opportunities and find their way forward. She likes to spend her weekends running up the Hills, and spending time with her two energetic boys. 

Link governor for Personal development 

Term of office ends: June 2023


Hanna Barrett- Parent Governor

Hanna has a daughter attending Somers Park and was recently appointed Parent Governor in March 2021. Hanna currently works as an IoT Solution Specialist for industrial applications, giving her experience in project and budget management. 

Her love of education growing up and fond memories for school have encouraged her to step forward for a role as Governor. Being part of a team that’s ensuring Somers Park is supporting and enabling children to be independent, creative and enhancing their social skills regardless of background or learning style. 

Link governor for Behaviour and welfare; Safeguarding and Prevent

Term of office ends: March 2025


Pecuniary interest - employed by Caption Data - (technology)



Laura Edkins- Staff Governor

Laura has been a staff governor for a number of years. In Easter 2021, Laura took on the role of Deputy Headteacher having been at Somers Park for 16 years. Over this time, she has taught across the school and had a variety of leadership roles including PE Coordinator, English Coordinator, SENDCO and Phase Leader.

Recently, Laura has gained a Level 5 Diploma in Trauma and Mental Health Informed Schools (Practitioner Status) and is leading and embedding the approach throughout the school. Alongside this, she is the Senior Mental Health Lead in school and coordinates the whole-school approach to mental health and wellbeing for children and staff.

Term of office ends: April 2024



Chris Hansen- Headteacher. Ex-officio.

Chris joined Somers Park Primary School as Headteacher in September 2016, following relocation from Somerset to be closer to family. With 16 years in school leadership, Chris has experience in providing school to school support to leaders and is a registered Ofsted Inspector.


Non-pecuniary interest - Parent Governor at Balcarras School -

Non-pecuniary interest - Chair of Strategic Board, Balcarras Teaching School Hub



Mel Morris-Jones- Appointed Governor

Mel Morris-Jones was originally elected as a Parent Governor of Somers Park School in 2012 when her son was in Year 2, after being involved with the school through listening to early readers in Reception and being an active member of the Friends of Somers Park. When her son moved on to secondary school she couldn’t bear to leave so became an appointed Community Governor. 


Mel is passionate about every child having the opportunity, encouragement and support to succeed at school, whatever success may look like for them and feels it is a real privilege to be able to support the leadership team and staff at Somers Park School to deliver exactly that. Knowledge from her work as a wellbeing and mindset coach comes in useful as does her pernickety attention to detail when reading reports! 


Mel has been a proud single mum since her son was born and is delighted that he shares her love of music and singing. She is an engineering graduate (which seemed like a good idea at the time!) and also works in marketing. 

Vice Chair of Delegated Governing Committee

Link governor for EYFS and SEND

Term of office ends: July 2024


Pecuniary interest – employed by Clarity Solutions – (photocopiers and printers)



Jennie Price- Staff Governor

Jennie has been a Staff Governor for 3 years and has been part of the Somers Park Primary community for the past 6 years. She was appointed for the Governor role following the opening of the Malvern Vale site in 2018. Jennie teaches the Reception Class and is the named Senior Leader on site. Early Years is her passion; however, she has taught all years from Nursery to Year 6 during her 20-year teaching career and has worked in a range of schools in Worcestershire.

Term of office ends: July 2022



John Raine- Appointed Governor

John has been a Community Governor at Somers Park since 2015, a role he accepted in his capacity then as the County Councillor for the local area. Although he has recently passed on his county council duties (in May 2021), he remains a District Councillor, serving the neighbouring ward of Malvern West. John formally retired from his role as a senior academic at University of Birmingham in 2016, having been a specialist in judicial administration, public service management and local governance. However, he continues to work part-time for his department as a postgraduate studies tutor and supervisor.

Link governor for Quality of Education

Term of office ends: July 2024