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"The early years provision is exemplary and as such, children are extremely well prepared for learning in Year 1... Pupils are exceptionally well prepared for life in modern Britain... Adults go about their work with energy and enthusiasm... Leaders’ work to develop pupils’ talents, interests and character is exceptional... Pupils thrive at Somers Park Primary School." Ofsted, July 2022
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Statutory Assessments- Parent Information

Statutory assessment- 2024

Statutory assessments take place at various point across a primary school. If your child is in any of the year groups specified below, we thought it may be useful for you to have these dates in the diary. Term time leave will not be authorised during these periods, and families taking unauthorised holiday may lead to further action being taken.


Reception Baseline assessment

Schools must complete the reception baseline assessment for each child in the first 6 weeks after they enter reception.


Year 1 Phonics Screening Check

Week commencing 10th June 2024 for all children in Year 1.

This is a quick and easy word reading check of your child’s phonics knowledge. If you would like to find out a little more about how it works, take a look at this two-minute video.


Reading their reading books at home daily with your child will help give them the confidence and skills to read the sounds they need to succeed in this phonics check.


Year 2 Phonics Screening Check

Current Year 2 children who did not pass the screening when they were in Year 1, will retake it in June the following year.


Optional Key Stage 1 Tests (No longer statutory)

Year 2 children will take these tests during the month of May 2024, on dates which can be decided by individual schools.

These tests consist of two reading papers and two maths papers, as well as an optional English Grammar, punctuation and spelling test.


Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check

The Multiplication Tables Check is a newly introduced annual check on the times tables knowledge of Year 4s in England and Wales. The MTC must be administered between 3rd June and 14th June 2024.


What is the pass mark for the Year 4 Times Tables Test?

There is no pass mark, fail, nor expected standard threshold. It is intended that schools use their own judgement as to any actions needed after the results.


What times tables do Year 4 have to know?

By the end of Year 3 children should be fluent in the 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10 times tables, and then by the end of Year 4 children should know all their times tables up to 12 ie the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 times tables.

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Key Stage 2 SATS

These end of key stage tests take place at set times nationally, during the week commencing Monday 13th May to Thursday 16th May 2024.


During this week the children will sit the following test papers:


  • English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 1: questions
  • English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 2: spelling
  • English reading
  • Mathematics Paper 1: arithmetic
  • Mathematics Paper 2: reasoning
  • Mathematics Paper 3: reasoning


Non-statutory assessments

Children in other year groups across the school will also complete non-statutory assessments at the end of the year. These are for internal use, to support the teacher assessments we use all year round.