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"The early years provision is exemplary and as such, children are extremely well prepared for learning in Year 1... Pupils are exceptionally well prepared for life in modern Britain... Adults go about their work with energy and enthusiasm... Leaders’ work to develop pupils’ talents, interests and character is exceptional... Pupils thrive at Somers Park Primary School." Ofsted, July 2022
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Visit from Guide Dogs for the Blind

On Monday 25th April, Year 2 children from both of our sites came together to meet some Guide Dogs and learn about the amazing work they do. Volunteers from 'The Guide Dogs for the Blind' visited school and told us about the everyday difficulties blind people face and the difference Guide Dogs make to their life. Did you know a Guide Dog starts it's training at around 6 weeks old?


Year 2 are going to collect used stamps to help raise money for the Guide Dogs for the Blind charity.


If you have any used stamps, please give them to a Year 2 teacher or drop them into either of our school offices.


‘I had to use a white stick to walk to the door wearing a blindfold. It felt really scary not been able to see and I noticed that I used my sense of hearing more.’ Alfie P


‘The puppies were really well behaved and sat and listened to Mrs Emberlin throughout their visit. My dogs can't sit still for one second!’ Caius


‘It was interesting seeing the gadgets available to support blind people in the home. I liked watching Billie trying to pour water into a mug. She couldn't see because she was wearing a blindfold, the gadget made a loud beep when it was full which made me jump!’ Chloe


‘I enjoyed when some of us got to try out wearing a blindfold and try some everyday activities to see how tricky it was when you can’t see. Also, I enjoyed learning all about how our different senses like touch and vibrations can help.’ Henrietta


‘I learned that guide dogs had to be trained for at least 2 years and that people that couldn’t have a guide dog can use a cane. It was interesting to find out about the gadgets that can help blind people.’ Rose


‘It was great listening to our visitor tell us all about training a guided dog. I didn’t know that you couldn’t disturb them while they are working.’Inaayah

‘It was fun using the gadget to measure water level. I couldn't see when I poured the water but the loud beep told me when to stop!’ Billee


‘It was interesting learning about how the dogs are trained. Did you know, they can find an empty seat on a train or bus? I'm going to save stamps to help the charity.’ Sonny