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"The early years provision is exemplary and as such, children are extremely well prepared for learning in Year 1... Pupils are exceptionally well prepared for life in modern Britain... Adults go about their work with energy and enthusiasm... Leaders’ work to develop pupils’ talents, interests and character is exceptional... Pupils thrive at Somers Park Primary School." Ofsted, July 2022
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We've been published! RE Today

Last term, as RE coordinator, I was offered the opportunity to trial a series of lessons put together by the editor of RE Today – a national publication. As a school, we are always open to finding effective, innovative and engaging ways to support children’s learning and so we piloted the topic within 4JB to great success. The children really enjoyed the focus that planning the trip gave to their learning, whilst allowing them to build on what they already knew. They have all been extremely excited about seeing their work in print.

Mrs Black 4JB.


‘I liked the research in our pilgrimage lessons because we found out about lots of different religions as well as using what we already knew from other lessons. I learnt that Sikhs worship the 12 gurus. Then we created a letter to Mrs Black trying to persuade her to give us the money for a round the world pilgrimage. To be in REToday made me really excited because I have never been in a national magazine before.’     Felix, 4JB.


‘We researched different religions and I found that interesting because I learnt about where they pray and how each religion started. I knew about the Golden Temple but found out more than I learnt last year about the gurus. I found out that the first guru was Guru Nannak. It makes me feel really proud of myself that our work is in a national magazine.’  Oliver, 4JB.



‘In our pilgrimage lessons, as groups we researched religions around the world and decided where our pilgrimage would go. We also wrote to our teacher persuading her to give us the money as well as making an advertising leaflet. We were astonished to see that our work was in a magazine and the lessons were really good!’    Indigo, 4JB