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"The early years provision is exemplary and as such, children are extremely well prepared for learning in Year 1... Pupils are exceptionally well prepared for life in modern Britain... Adults go about their work with energy and enthusiasm... Leaders’ work to develop pupils’ talents, interests and character is exceptional... Pupils thrive at Somers Park Primary School." Ofsted, July 2022
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Year 1 visit to Sudeley Castle

Year 1 visit to Sudeley Castle

On Tuesday all of Year 1 went to Sudeley Castle. We all went on a massive, big coach! First we saw some wooden elephants. Next we explored the banqueting hall. After that we walked to the very old church and we saw Elizabeth's step mum, Katherine Parr in a white grave. My favourite part was exploring the garden because we found lots of animals.’

Report by Oliver 


‘We went on a comfy coach to Sudeley Castle and it was lots of fun. Year 1 went to learn about Queen Elizabeth the First. First we went to see the grounds of the castle and we saw some elephants but they were wood. Next we went to the church to look at Katherine Parr's grave. After that we went to a really fun play ground that had a castle and a zip line. Then we saw some birds and a peacock which was fun. Next we went to have some yummy lunch.

After that we went to see Henry the Eighth and his six wives. Then we went to the knot garden and we met Queen Elizabeth. My favourite bit was when we saw the Queen's toilet because it looks really comfy.’

Report by Daisy


Here are a few comments from the children.


‘I liked playing in the park and when we saw the castle I liked seeing the Queen’s toilet.’ Florence 


‘The best bit was I got to go on the bus. I saw Queen Elizabeth and learned what she held when she was crowned.’ Oliver VS 

‘I enjoyed it when we went to see the bed made of hedges. We had to bow and curtsey to Queen Elizabeth.’ SF


‘I learned that King Henry had lots of wives. I liked the park because it was so fun.’ William 


‘I liked the church because I got to see Queen Katherine there.’ Charlotte 


‘It was a fun trip because we saw the knot garden and Queen Elizabeth. My favourite bit was having a packed lunch.’ Jake