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Year 6 Young Shakespeare experience.

Year 6 Young Shakespeare experience.

‘On Friday 12th November 2021, classes 6CM and 6AC gathered in the KS2 hall to watch a performance of Macbeth given to them by four actors from of the Young Shakespeare Company. This was two hours long, with a short break in the middle, and at the end, everyone agreed that the performance of this tragedy was amazing! Several willing children volunteered and were chosen for small roles in the play, however all children had a part in the performance.


Here are a few quotes: 


Ella: I thought that they were amazing and I enjoyed being the king’s royal trumpeter.


Madison: I thought it was amazing they all made a tragedy into a comedy.


Milly: I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and found it very easy to understand.


Lydia: They were the best actors I’ve ever seen.


Isaac: It was a great performance of Macbeth.


Harry Ce: It was very interesting.


Daisy R: It was amazing how the actors projected their voices and weren’t scared at all.


Finally, we would like to thank the teachers for inviting the Young Shakespeare company into school!’